KCW Studios


The relentless pursuit of better, bigger, more stunning visuals and audio. These are the origins of a premium studio services company. Dare to realize your dreams with us.

Services & Gear
We are a complete, total, production studio services company. From cameras, lights, grip, generators, R/Vs, picture vehicles, armoury to expendables; we've got you covered.
And of course with our background in Stunts / FX rigging, we also offer a full line of rigging (pulleys, wire, cable, rope, shackles, truss, etc) equipment. (Store launching March 2009).

Born with disregard for the limits of reality and pains of inconvenience, our crew ensures your journey to wrap is one that will not require heavy sedation.

Alex Wen : Director / Producer
Chris Chen : Graphic Design
Ari Silverstein : Production Manager

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